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Monday, January 2, 2012

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We are in Day 2 of the New Year and I am wondering if I will actually put down as a New Year's Resolution that I will be a better blogger... and then I laugh.  Anyone reading this knows as well as I do that I am  the world's worst blogger simply for the fact that I am far from consistent.  I can go weeks- sometimes months- without tiptoeing into the blogosphere for a spell.  My thoughts I put down here are as random as they come and in general are simply a reaction to something that has happened that I needed to get off my chest.  So, since I am being rather realistic which is an insane idea for anyone only two days into the New Year (you've got to admit- most of us are still assuming we will keep to the idea that we are going to be turning into Jane Fonda exercise demons to lose those extra pounds... and sometimes we do... for the first week of the year at least- and then the backsliding begins...)

Anyway, since I am walking on the wild side of reality at the start of what very well may be the last year of the world (if one is so inclined to go in for the fatalist Mayan-calendar predictions) I do believe I am going to make a few "resolutions" that I can actually stick to.  I mean it!

 1. Get a new phone - egads!  I know, I know, I am stuck in a time warp since I have actually gone a couple of years sans the daily use of the cellular attachment that has sucked out the humanity of most people; however, as work progresses it is becoming a necessity that I cannot avoid anymore. 

2.  Purchase a new used car.  It's a long story... and it is certainly time.

3.  Save money to move into a rental house/apartment by the summer.  I am mentally ripping the skin off of my face in need of my own space for my daughter and I.  Enough said.

4.  Eat healthier- more organic- I'm not talking about going on a diet although I certainly need to lose the equivalent weight of a large adult.  I want to create a healthier lifestyle without using the one word that starts with "die."  Yet again- I'm really not a fatalist and diets are as fatal as they come.

5.  Keep a positive spirit.  A few years back- when my world was turned a$$-backwards, I started a "reinvention" of sorts that has become a roller coaster ride.  I need to get back to that spirit that kicked my behind into realizing all of the amazing possibilities in store.  I have been complacent in appreciating the truly good things that have occurred- life is seriously too short to get sucked into the negativity that is ALL around me right now.  I need to do this for myself and more importantly for my Wild Child.

I think I will keep it at the five.  These are all realistic goals that can be accomplished if I stay focused.  And who knows- maybe I can also throw in the sub-resolution to come visit my little blog some more... only time and this new, beautiful year can tell!

Brightest Blessings in 2012!  We should all live like it is the last day of our lives... but for those who are seriously counting down the days (I couldn't help myself) I am leaving you with this little ditty by some of my favorite Georgians...

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