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Monday, September 19, 2011

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Soooo.... I am getting a little goofy knowing that the new season of mind-numbing television is starting tomorrow.  I know I should be more creative with what little spare time I am allowed; however, Tuesday night I am going to be sitting like the biggest couch potato you have ever met waiting for Season Three of "Glee" to kick off.  Yes, last year I somehow got sucked in after catching a few episodes on some Oxygen marathon- I then became obsessed and watched the remainder of the second season after the Super Bowl- and the cherry on top of this whirl-wind slightly new-found appreciation came this summer with following "The Glee Project" where they competed to be cast in the show.  Oh... how I love that show (and I know I'm not the only one!)
In consideration of a whole new season starting, and in appreciation of the absolute musical talent that show has- I am creating a list of (some) of my favorite musical numbers thus far... I realized when I started looking at videos on youtube it was harder to choose from- they are all so good!

The songs I picked were either great covers, really touching, or the scene was incredibly funny or terribly sentimental.  The last song, although not sung, is just an incredible bit of choreography to "Bubbly Toes." Enjoy!

This final number I'm throwing in for my Wild Child- she is completely in love with Jesse, lol!


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