Dreaming of the Railroad

Sunday, July 31, 2011

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I've noticed that I get the strangest urge to write in the one o'clock hour (if you don't believe me just look at my first two posts.) Sorry, simply a side note...

Today is the day before one hell of a day, to be perfectly honest.  My over-stuffed mind now has to turn to a meeting that I am planning at work.  It's not just any meeting- it is one that brings together all of the major players in the small town I work in for the purpose of making a game plan for negotiating the acquisition of a railroad depot that was literally the birthplace of the town (and is still owned by the biggie Norfolk Southern.)  I have everyone attending from the mayor all the way to  two individuals who are our leaders in the State's House of Representatives & General Assembly.  To say the least, I've got a few butterflies banging around in my gut.

It amazes me that this time last year I was unemployed and feeling more than disheartened that with every resume I sent out all I received in return was an empty mailbox.  Now I am in a key position in this community to work for great change.  Feeling proud of what I have accomplished is definitely an understatement sense this past January.  And yet... there is tomorrow...

I need this to be a success.  I need this to be that one goal that shoots my credibility over the top as a first-year director. I need to take on that Wonder Woman persona that my sister has always spoken of and yet I never had a great grasp on.  Basically, I need to take to heart the quote that I have hanging up in my office at City Hall... "Fortune favors those who dare!"  Virgil, I couldn't have said it any better!

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Nicole said...

Invoke Wonder Woman! She works for me! Or maybe you need your own persona.... do a little search and see who your super hero could be. (Maybe a Greek Goddess??)

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