Deflated Balloon

Monday, August 1, 2011

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Oh goodness, I'm having a day!  I am happy to say that my meeting with all the head honchos went remarkably well.  As I like to put it - I may be quiet but I can be one pushy lady when it comes to getting things moving!  Now, however, I have hit the "deflated balloon" status- stress and adrenaline blew me up and at the three o'clock hour all I can think about is curling up in bed and decompressing just a wee bit more.  Energy Level: 0.  Creative Ideas Flowing: None. Time left in this day: Too long to contemplate seeing as how I have to present a report to City Council this evening. Aye yi yi!

On top of it all, I'm seriously kicking myself for getting sucked into watching "The Next Food Network Star" last night at midnight.  I knew I had to get up early- and yet I was drawn in and remained stuck to the television until way past one.  Yes, I am most certainly paying for it now.  I will also probably pay for it when I do finally get home tonight and the Wild Child will be waiting up to see me and all my thoughts will be regarding the cushiness of my bed.  I'm starting to think I may need to invest in a pillow and an alarm clock for my office- when I'm still here "after office hours" and I just need a catnap I'll curl up under my giant desk, turn the lights off, and put the "Out of Office" sign on the door, lol!  Yes, these are the dreams of the sleep-deprived and balloon-deflated girl getting a little loopy in her office :)

My only other option, I suppose, would be to borrow my mother's mini fridge to put in here and stock it with giant Red Bulls.  Oh, the possibilities are endless...

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Nicole said...

Hee Hee.. Work.. what's work? But somehow I was Busy as a Bee... tired???? NEVER. But the mini fridge sounds like an excellent idea.

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