Living, Dying, and the Growing Up In-Between

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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These are my "Hump Day" Revelations...

~ Part of life is learning how to smile at people graciously while wanting to smack them and offer the sage wisdom "GET A CLUE!"

~ I can't stay up late the way I used to.  Bedtime for this thirty-something chick is definitely becoming a couple of hours earlier.

~ Pay checks make me smile when I know I've earned every penny (if not triple what is written) simply by staying sane on the job.

~ Five year olds on the first day of kindergarten- as cute as they are- choose to use their built-up energy from being good all day by driving the parental unit nuts in the late afternoon to evening.

...And finally...

~ Damn, it's hard trying to explain death and dying to one so young... we are just counting the hours (if not minutes) and trying to make our old cat, Snowflake, as comfortable as possible.  She has lived a good life and I just don't want her to suffer anymore.  She will always be in our hearts...

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Nicole Abdou said...

Good revelations

Doris said...

Hey, I have mastered the art of smiling sweetly while thinking in my head "I really wish you would shut up". :-)

I love the painting at the start of the post. Is that one of yours?

Heather said...

Doris- I wish on the painting! I found that at

I do want to add an RIP to our beloved Snowflake- she passed away this evening.

Anonymous said...

Sweet picture of Snowflake with your daughter. Just remember that Snowflake will be waiting for y'all at the Rainbow Bridge.
Peggy from Small Steps to Giant Leaps

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