Ode to My Morning Coffee

Friday, August 19, 2011

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Why have you forsaken me?  Once upon a time you lifted me up with joyous energy... and now your sweet facade only mocks my need- nay, my desire- to keep my eyes open in those morning hours that laugh in the face of a woman who, no longer in her youth, cannot stay up late at night the way she once did and expect to be fully vibrant the following day.

Alas, your dark warmth no longer provides comfort.  The taste is still there but the fire has depleted.  I must leave you for another- one whose aroma will never be your equal; yet, one whose refreshingly-crisp, caffeinated  charge ensnares my senses and calls to me with a strong voice while you only whisper.

Morning Coffee, it is time that I introduce you to your replacement... Red Bull.  I realize that all we've been through, I will still reach out for you in the after-dinner, evening hours. However, your presence will no longer be requested in those wee hours when you can hear the cock crow.  You have fallen short, my old friend, and as hard as it is to say goodbye... we all must move on to follow our own destinies...


Nicole said...

For me - espresso.

Leanne said...

Awe. . . So well written (and makes me giggle), but my heart is heavy for the abandonment of coffee in your morning. Sigh. ;)

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