Backbone Growing Again!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

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Time to head into a new workweek... not that I had much time off from the last one due to an (almost) all day event on Saturday.  I can feel myself slowly decompressing and yet there is tomorrow... it basically consists of big meeting/ monthly report to state/ finish grant application that is due/ bigger meeting.  After that I think decompression will truly commence and lead me to what I am *crossing my fingers* will be a day off on Wednesday. Oh, one can dream!

I'll admit to having quite a few ups and downs this past week... it is time to (okay I really can't use the Goddess Brighid metaphor on this one so, sorry Nicole, I'm stealing your alter ego for a moment) it's simply time to pull up my Wonder Woman big girl panties and take a stand where stands are needed.  There are a few people out there who probably think I could be a push-over in my line of work... I hate to tell them they are more than mistaken.  I Am Woman! Hear Me Roar!

In honor of my goal of standing up for some much needed principles in the upcoming weeks, I am seeking a little musical motivation - a little kick-a$$ anthem so to speak.  I'm including this one possibility that has been stuck in my head lately; however, I am more than willing to take suggestions! Enjoy!


Nicole said...

You know.. it seems you are always trying to convince everyone that you are not a push over and that you have a backbone. The thing is - a Strong women should never have to explain herself or prove herself otherwise. It is just understood.
Let it go.. know that real strength is obvious. :-)

Heather said...

My finding inner strength is on par with your quest for a zen-like state. With 75% of my life having been lived as a relative pushover, I have spent the past couple of years truly discovering how strong I can possibly be, even while retaining my quiet nature (which those who can't listen above their own noise oftentimes find it to be a sign of weakness.) I do use this outlet on occasion to get my head on straight and dig deep to rise above the quiet - it is not an explanation to the general public, it is simply a pre-game rally for myself... nothing more, nor less.

Leanne said...

Go girl!!! I'll be right there pushing you along the way. I hope you kicked some bootie!

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