Brick Walls Are My Friend

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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While constantly bashing my head against one brick wall after another I do believe I have been left in a state of brain-damaged euphoria today.  Those self righteous brick walls are the one constant in my life and so I think I've made friends with them.  I expect them- they need me- thus, we are in a copacetic relationship that has lasted longer than most relationships in my life. 

My brick walls are easy enough to define - the periodic bouts of my Wild Child taking her nose-dive off the deep end of normalcy, my pangs of guilt at not being the Super Mommy that obviously the Super Nanny thinks everyone could be, my reoccurring issues of self doubt with the way my career or lack thereof is heading... oh,  I could go on and on.
Yeah, I know- it was about time for a little whine to go with the extra sentimental cheese I infused into a lot of my posts.  But seriously- I just want one day where I don't feel like I'm fighting an uphill battle (or hitting my head against that proverbial brick wall) in one or both major aspects of my life- work or home.

Oy Vey.  It's been a day.  I'm just going to go to sleep now and work on a fresh perspective for tomorrow.  Time to channel a little Scarlett by saying that "after all- tomorrow is another day!"  And, if all else fails, I'm sure I'll have some good quality time with my old friend, the brick wall, again... he's never too far away from me!


Nicole said...

hahaha.. I think that's life. Try a "Gratitude post" once a week. It might help you see the light through the bricks.

Laura said...

I hear you... I've been there... done that... and I love Nicole's comment!

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