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Thursday, August 4, 2011

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I read today a letter reposted by a friend on facebook- it was titled "Letter to My Daughter."  To say the least it touched me; the eloquence of it all made me think of my own daughter - my munchkin, before she even had a name.  This post is for her so that one day, when she is older, she may read it and understand how I felt at this very moment.

Dear Autumn Gwendolyn,

I am searching for the right words to say as I look at a picture of you on my desk- it is one taken when you were just turning four.  Your bright blue shirt peeks out from behind your long, golden hair and you are wearing a black cowboy hat that, in most cases, I would shake my head at- but on you, it is beautiful. You are the most beautiful human being to me and I feel at awe that I played my part in creating you. 

You have such a light about you - your eyes smile not with the innocence of youth but more with a mischievous twinkle that makes me feel like you have lived more years than I could possibly imagine.  You are an old soul and that I knew from the first moment I set my own eyes upon you.  I know that within your short life you have been through more than a lot of people... your family went down separate paths and yet you must realize that those paths still lead back to you and are bound with everlasting love.  I also hope you realize that my own path is tied to you heart and soul.  As we like to say, you are my "X"... X marks the spot and that spot lies within you- my treasure... my heart. 

In less than a week you will be starting your own adventure- that of entering kindergarten.  I want to dig deep and give you all of the words of wisdom and advice I could possibly muster:

~ Know that you are beautiful inside and out.  Every person ever created is beautiful in their own, unique way... and remember as the Irish saying goes "a face without freckles is like a night sky without stars..."
~ You can be anything you want to be... do not limit yourself to just one thing- but when you do find that something that makes your heart sing, follow it with every ounce of passion inside of you despite what others may say.
~ Mistakes happen.  Learn from them.  Grow from them.  Never regret them.  Live life with no regrets!
~ Love does not know skin color or gender.  Follow your heart wherever it will lead you.
~ There are both good qualities and bad qualities to organized religions.  The path I teach you does not have to be the end to your spiritual education. Once again- your heart will be your most honest guide.
~... and finally, as the saying goes "Dance As though no one is watching you. Love as though you have never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is here on earth!"

My dearest munchkin, you are a blessing.  You are my proudest accomplishment.  We may not always get along as you grow older; but, know that I will always be by your side- with a hand to hold- whenever and wherever you may need me.

With all my love,



Anonymous said...

So beautiful. She will totally understand those words when she has a daughter of her own. Until then, she'll understand snippets, when the opportunities to understand present themselves.
My daughter now has a daughter, and I hear her saying things that I SO wanted her to understand when she was younger. She now "gets it".
Peggy from Small Steps to Giant Leaps

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