In the Beginning... Revisited

Saturday, August 20, 2011

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While looking for inspiration for a post today, I ran across this small piece I wrote in October of 2009... a few years have passed, but not the personality! Gotta love it...

I must begin with the simple fact that I love my daughter more than anything.  Having said that, I find it necessary to follow up by saying I could sense the wild childness about her from the very beginning... you could look into her eyes and see the old soul looking back at you.  This old soul had a mad twinkle to her  that took my breath away and I knew I was going to be in for the ride of a lifetime!

I don't mean to say this to sound cruel in the slightest - but the girl reminded me of Dr. Evil, plotting to take over the world in an Austin Powers movie, when I first saw her baby picture taken at the hospital.  The headstrong determination was there even at a few days old.  If you don't believe me, check out the comparison pic...

Obviously my munchkin isn't Bad Seed evil or anything like that... but she certainly has a streak of something that lets everyone know to get out of the way or be caught up in her hurricane!  I am envious of her energy and just her life force in general... it is amazingly powerful!

The dilemma I face on a daily basis is how much of that mad energy does a mother need to reign in without squashing it completely?  There are rules and regulations in this world that we all must abide by, and my Autumn doesn't like to follow anyone's rules. How thin is that tightrope we must walk between teaching your child the rules of etiquette and letting her be the dazzling, free spirit that I am constantly witness to?

Questions to ponder... I suppose as long as she doesn't actually turn into Dr. Evil, I'm doing a pretty good job as a mother!


Leanne said...

You are doing a fantastic job as a mother!! I have to admit . . . I see that little sparkle in her eye that you talk about here. (and if you lived near, there is mo doubt in my mind that my Ella and Autumn would be the best of friends who would probably beat each other up in one minute, then cry and hug it out in the next.) I always say that my daughter, Ella, will be running a fortune 500 company some day, while running the world, too. As long as she remembers to respect ALL people, and to be happy with herself and her life, then I think I'm doing ok.

Heather said...

Leanne- thank you so much for stopping by! I have promised Nicole that I will actually stick with this blog, lol!

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