Breaking Through Stereotypes

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Today started out to be a pure blessing for me... I was so excited to receive an email from a gentleman representing a Pagan group that has family-oriented activities for Wild Child and I to attend rather close to where I live.  I looked on their website and I am absolutely thrilled with what I saw... I can't begin to describe how good it feels to finally find a religious group that believes as I do!  To be honest- turn any corner and you will never be at a loss for finding a church in our community; however, the non-Christian groups are few and far between; or rather- seemingly nonexistent here and far from finding one anywhere at all.  Until today! 

To me, this means the sort of spiritual fellowship that I have been missing for way too long.  I don't mind being a solitary practitioner- having been doing so for well over a decade, as well as studying various aspects of my beliefs for almost twenty years now.  One thing I found lacking in all this time was simply the community.  Not feeling alone... finally being understood... and above all not being treated like some freak.

Unfortunately, how foolish of me to think that my family would be supportive.  This is where my blessed day took a turn... I happily mentioned this group to my father and his response was a roll of the eyes and asking the question, with a condescending laugh, "so do they do ritual sacrifices?!?"  Whether or not he realizes the magnitude of what he said- it is the same stereotype as if he went to my brother-in-law (who is Sunni Muslim) and asked him what sort of terrorist plans he had for the weekend.  If he only realized how hard it was- and how long it took me- to be truly open about my beliefs- maybe he would not treat my feelings with such ignorance and mocking.  All I ask is for acceptance.  He may not agree with what I believe, but he should at least respect my beliefs as my own.  I should not have to justify myself but that seems like all I can do since I finally opened up.

So, maybe this will help the process along- at least a start that I can build on in the future- here is a little information video that (I hope) will shed some light regarding my path... Brightest Blessings to all those who can see past the stereotype... and even to those who aren't yet ready to relinquish their ignorant behavior!


Leanne said...

I think you have to find what you believe in, what makes you feel whole, what brings you peace. Not everyone will understand. I might not even understand. But I live my life recognizing the differences in others, and embracing them as much as I can. And understanding that we are all here, trying to live the best life we can. Respect. It's all about respecting our differences.

Nicole said...

As you know, I do not believe what you believe and I would prefer Autumn to be brought up in the Catholic Church (since you DID have her baptized and made me her God Mother...) But I do believe you are able to worship or not worship or believe or practice whatever you want. I do want you to offer Autumn the opportunity to explore other religions, and would be comfortable with you attending a Unitarian church. I have very strong opinions on Paganism, but I do not share those openly, since they are simply a set of practices.. and it is your right.

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